For the Treatment of
Inborn Errors of Metabolism

IMB-203 is a succinate prodrug i.e., a pharmacologically inactive compound that is metabolized into an active form within the body, for the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. It is designed to deliver high quantities of succinate in patients in order to replenish succinate stores necessary for proper energy metabolism.

There are presently no approved therapies to deliver oral succinate.

IMB-203 Mechanism of Action and Development Status

IMB-203 Mechanism of Action

IMB-203 is intended to directly supply cells with succinate to bypass enzyme deficiencies and replenish succinate stores involved in cellular metabolism. We believe that IMB-203 has the potential to improve energy production in certain inborn errors of metabolism.

IMB-203 Development Status

In preclinical studies, IMB-203 was readily absorbed after oral administration and was found widely distributed in tissues throughout the body within one hour. After 24 hours, the majority of IMB-203 had been converted to CO2 and expelled by respiration from the body, consistent with metabolism in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle.